Renewing Your Commitment to Your Marriage

Notes from Sunday’s Sermon
Genesis 2:18-25
Renewing Your Commitment to Your Marriage
Thoughts from our Text:
1. It is Not Good for Men to be Alone 
2. God has a Plan to Make Your Life Better
3. When you get married, you and your mate actually become one. 
4. You should accept your mate as a gift from God. 
5. You need to work on learning how to cleave to each other.
6. There is no shame, in a physical relationship with your mate.
7. You need to accept the confines God placed on your Marriage.
Practical Challenges from our Passage
1. Plan to go a whole week without saying a critical thing to your mate.
2. Sometime this next week, sit down and write out all the good qualities of your mate.
3. Say to your mate “I Love You” at least three times every day for a week.
4. Have a serious talk this week.  Ask your mate to give you one thing you can do to make their life better.
5. Hold hands and pray a blessing over each other every day for a week.
6. Consider, writing out your own marriage renewal vows and have a private ceremony. 

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