COVID-19 Response.

Our rational for closing FBCG and Gym until April 5:
The most eye opening fact about this virus is that many healthy people actually have the virus with NO symptoms. As long as we are separated, the virus will run its course in that person, and then all is well.

If, however, that healthy, non-symptomatic person gets with other healthy or young people, they will get it too. None of the healthy people may have symptoms-but they are all contagious. So we go from 1 non-symptomatic person to perhaps 10 or more. And still, none may know they have it.

Then any one or more of these come in contact with an older person=disaster.

It would be a great time to have the gym open for our kids, but this is the reason we closed it. I hope this explains why we are cooperating with the presidential request to avoid assembly for 15 days.
Thank everyone for their understanding and pray for our pastor. Bro. Wayne Winfree
PS: Don’t forget to continue to support FBCG financially. The bills still come in and it is part of our Christian walk.

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