Church Service Updates 6-3-2020

Plans for June & July

Deciding the proper course of action for church activities for the near future has become a difficult decision. It is evident that not everyone will agree with any decision that is made. A survey of our teachers and workers revealed that 40% of our leaders are not prepared to resume full activities next Sunday. 

Our staff and deacons met this week to pray and seek God’s directions for the next two months. The plan we have adopted for June and July is as follows:

  1. Continue the two services on Sunday morning.
  2. Conduct Family Fun nights for the Sunday P.M. service. This will be held in the gym. Each family will sit at a separate table. Some may combine as they choose to form one table. Each table brings its own snacks. Church will provide drinks. A devotion will be shared and family- oriented games will be played.
  3. Continue streaming online the Wednesday night service. (Youth have their meeting at Brother Jeremiah’s home.)
  4. Sunday School teachers for children and youth are asked to work with Brother Ryan to provide remote teaching opportunities for their classes.
  5. Any plan the adult Sunday School classes choose: Zoom, meeting during the 9:00 A.M. Worship service or at a different time is their choice.

Although this is not a perfect solution, we trust that our membership will work with us to make this plan as productive as possible.

Our God is not limited in how He can work. Let us pray for a move of God in our midst during these difficult days.

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